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TRIDENTIFER was founded in December 2011. Starting off as a guitar maker project the name originally was meant to be the trademark of Marco’s (Axeman, ex-DARK, ex-REDGRIN) guitars. While still shredding for REDGRIN he already had recorded and arranged some of his riffing, gathering songmaterial for a sideproject. He soon dropped the idea of using “Tridentifer” as a trademark but more as a bandname when Heiko (Shambles, JLS) was convinced to adjust the drumparts to his riffing. This was in early 2012. Soon a handful of heavy stomping and groovy mid tempo songs were completely arranged and recorded at Marcos cave.

As fun got bigger and the passion for beer and rotting sounds was always present the idea evolved to turn the project into a band.

Considering ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to welcome Oli (Grunts’n’Growls, Frontman and Head of DAWN OF ANGER) a perfect cutthroat hit the band and served the purpose with providing his practice dungeon: The PALACE!

With Thomas (Axestabber, ex-G.eschlossene G.esellschaft, still shredding for local punk formation TRUMPET BUGS) and Chris (5-Stringer, ex-DARK, ex-FORCED SAKE) Tridentifer’s effort was to get on stage as soon as possible.

Due to private circumstances Thomas and Chris had to leave the band shortly after while the rest worked on the songs for the 1st Demo CD – ZOMBIFIED.

After having a couple bad luck experiences with local musicians from all kinds of genres, Tobi (Guitar) and Kevin (Bass, shredding for local german punk carbuncle KNÜPPEL VON GESTERN) two young cadavers completed the line-up.

The beast was unleashed!

Now the proceeding progress was again getting ready for shredding the stages while the Demo was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band itself and went off to get duplicated.

The Demo 2013 – Zombified finally got released on October 10th 2013.

In spring 2014 Kevin (bass) left the band and ex bass-shredder Chris helped out for a couple shows. 2015 Fabi joined the band on bass and shortly he switched to guitar when Tobi finally left the band because he wanted to put more time into his other band projects. 

After a quite long time looking for a bass player we finally ran into Lars who completed the Line-Up again. 

2015 we released our first full length debut album with the title `PATH OF THE DAMNED SOULS´, but after some shows we decided to separate. 

Tridentifer moved on with Eric as a guest vocalist and a new album called `LEFT TO ROT´ was released on the 13.December 2016! 

2019 we released `UNDER THE SIGN OF THE TRIDENT´ with Patrick from the Band CRIMSON DEATH as a guest vocalist and 2021 another album called `NACHTMAHR´ with Julian on the microphone! 

In 2023 we will release new material again - `LUCIFER FILI AUROARE´ is the name of our upcoming EP with Julian as singer again - he is now a real band member and also Chris joined us again! 

Welcome back!!! 


Stay Tuned For More Rotting Sounds!!!








Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.